Kerget automaati 7,62x51mm padrunile
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Autor:  davidsoniharald [ 12 Apr, 2016 22:35 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Kerget automaati 7,62x51mm padrunile

Millised kergemat sorti automaadid toimivad NATO 7,62x51mm standard moonaga? Kaal on kõige olulisem faktor. Visake julgelt marke ja mudeleid, teadjamad mehed.

Autor:  Medusa [ 12 Apr, 2016 22:50 ]
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Autor:  Kulibin [ 12 Apr, 2016 23:05 ]
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Beretta ARX 160

Autor:  madiss [ 13 Apr, 2016 9:19 ]
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Beretta ARX 160 on kaliibrites:

  1. 5.56×45 mm. NATO
  2. 5.45×39 mm.
  3. 6.8 mm. Remington SPC
  4. 7.62×39 mm.
  5. 300 BLK.

7,62x51 mm. padrunile ei ole võimalik kaasaegset automaatrelva konstrueerida...

Kas sa soovid KV, KL moona isiklikus relvas kasutama hakata?

Kõikse muljetavaldavam on kahtlemata FN SCAR 17S, efektiivne kompensaator, pehme tagasilöök, hea täpsus, ergonoomika, kaal jne. ainult, et NordArm küsis(b) eksemplari eest mingid 4500 eurot?

Lisaks on alati võimalus külastada Youtube-i ja vaadata sealt, mida igasugu huvilised USAs antud isendist arvavad...


Autor:  kaur3 [ 13 Apr, 2016 12:17 ]
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HK tehase mees.

Wow. So much opinion hate in this thread.
If there was one "best" 7.62 AR for all tasks the others would have fallen by the wayside, no?
Many of the SOCOM types want CSASS so they can dump all the SCAR H variants because they are tired of dealing with FN.
The same has been true for KAC and their poor SR25 support to the various services over the years.
The Brits dumped the LMT rifle due to issues and the Canadians are going forward with a SIG716 variant that smoked everything else in their tests - everything.
Even HK has struggled to field and support a fully reliable HK417, some of which in the US in SOF are soon to be replaced.
So there is much more to this topic then name brand and weight.

HK has to get to the finish line on this contract. The award just tees you up at the start position.
Lots more to do and the protest period is not yet over yet. I have already been contacted by one competitor fishing for "info". They got nothing.

Remington just won a legal decision over them underbidding Colt and FN on an M4 recompete. They won it primarily on the basis that the US Army never should have awarded the contract to Colt due to their financial situation at that time. Sound familiar? At the same time Remington lost the PSR contract after beating all of the competition because they could not deliver the barrel performance they did with their proposal test samples.

Much could derail this award before the first series production rifle is delivered. Let's hope it does not. The US military from a performance standpoint has been very well served with the M27 IAR and M320 GLM in the big services and with the wide assortment of SOF weapons fielded. The HK416 is still the top performer in the 5.56mm class.

I would like to see SOMETHING fielded because it has been years since this process was started and the troops could use something like this in 7.62 to counter the opposition and their SVD's and PKP's.


http://www.hkpro.com/forum/hk416-hk417- ... as-13.html

The UK plans to replace the L129A1's as soon as they can find a suitable replacement.
This has been mentioned by UK MoD reps at at least one public event and more than one private event I have attended.
When it will happen I don't recall but that is their intent. For now the guns are still in service.

http://www.hkpro.com/forum/hk416-hk417- ... as-14.html

Alates suvest peaks HK-lt tulema 3 erineva raua pikkusega püssid müüki.

http://www.heckler-koch.com/en/products ... -data.html

Autor:  Medusa [ 13 Apr, 2016 14:05 ]
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SCARi hind, arvestades esiteks relva soetamise kulusid USAs, lisanduvat bürokraatiamasinat ja vastavaid lubasid, transporti, ning suhteliselt väikest marginaali, ongi sellise väikese koguse juures, mida siia tuuakse, igati normaalne.

Autor:  EOD [ 13 Apr, 2016 14:30 ]
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Vintpüssikaliibriga, igast asendist tulistamisel väga stabiilse ja suht kerge (4-5 kg) automaatrelva etaloniks oleks FG 42. Huvitava lahendusena oli sel relval veel, et poolautomaatsena tulistas see "kinnisest lukust", täisautomaatsena aga "lahtisest lukust", et rauda paremini jahutada ning vältida ülekuumenemisest põhjustatud juhulaske.
7,62x51 mm kaliibris tuleks relv veel kergem. Huvitav, et sellist aretust tehtud pole. M60 kuulipilduja vast välja arvatud, kuid see pole automaat.

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