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 Teema pealkiri: Raamat USA eriüksusest Lääne-Berliinis 1956-90
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Geograafilise eraldatuse mõttes tuletab Lääne-Berliin mulle meelde meie kohta päikese all.

This unit history tells the story of a once highly classified clandestine Army Special Forces unit stationed in the flashpoint of the Cold War, West Berlin. For today’s readers, the post-World War II division of Germany, symbolized by the Berlin Wall, is a subject of historical curiosity, but from the mid-1950s this unit was stationed in one of the most dangerous places in Europe, a small outpost of Western democracy in a sea of Communist dictatorship.

The unit had what could rightly be called a suicide mission. In the event of a Soviet led invasion of Western Europe, these Green Berets were to break out of West Berlin into the East Germany countryside and conduct guerrilla warfare by finding, training, and aiding dissident forces to harass and delay the expected Soviet juggernaut.

The problem was, as post-Cold War documents and research show, there was no such thing as an East German dissident network thanks to the ruthless work of the Soviet and East German secret police. The 100 men in the unit would have literally been trying to conduct guerilla operations with an indifferent or hostile population in the middle of nearly 500,000 armed enemy troops.

http://www.nyjournalofbooks.com/book-re ... ces-berlin

Üksuse ülesandeks oli Berliini teede, raudtee- ja kanalitaristu ründamine. Eesmärgiks oli SACEUR-ile ajavõit lisavägede juurde toomiseks sõjateatrisse.

The warriors of SF Berlin, located 110 miles inside East Germany, knew their primary responsibility in wartime was to conduct unconventional warfare (UW)—specifically, missions targeting the Berlin road, rail, and canal infrastructure. In a larger sense, their mission was to buy time for the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR), who had only 10,000 US troops in West Berlin to temporarily fend off 575,000 East German and Soviet troops. Additionally, they were to train whatever local guerrilla forces could be located or organized, using the extensive caches of weapons, explosives, radios, and dollars buried in the area; the theory was that a 12-man team could train 1,200 guerrillas.

https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for- ... erlin.html

Pilte ka.

He said: 'The wartime mission was 1) cause havoc behind the enemy’s lines through the sabotage of critical infrastructure and 2) report enemy movements by HF Radio, so that the US Air Force could hit them as they moved forward and to let the US Comm

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -army.html

Peaks poodi otsima minema.

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Tee uus teema Vasta teemale  [ 1 postitus ] 

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